Avoca Beach Hotel’s Member Draw

Wednesday Nights


  1. Every Wednesday commencing May 1st 2019 up until and no further than Wednesday September 11th 2019.
  2. Each draw will be conducted in the Sports Bar of Avoca Beach Hotel located at 326 Avoca Drive, Avoca Beach NSW 2251
  3. $100 will be the cash prize of the ‘Member Draw’ each week.
  4. The draw will continue to run until the total amount of $2000.00 has been won.
  5. Once the draw has been won it will recommence the following Wednesday at $100 until the total pool of $2000.00 is drawn or the total of 20 weeks has passed.
  6. Drawn member must be present , meaning on the premises of Avoca Beach Hotel. This includes the Terrace,  Saltwater Bar & Bistro , Sports Bar and Avoca Beach Hotel gaming room, on site bathrooms or Deck area at the time of Badge Draw.
  7. The drawn number will be displayed on number display screen. The membership number that correlates to the drawn number will be announced by the manager on duty. In the event of a technical failure, drawn numbers may not be displayed on screens and/or draws may be postponed.
  8. Entrants for the weekly member draw must be current members at 9am of the weekly draw days to be eligible to win. Membership numbers are extracted from the Avoca Beach Hotel Application.
  9. Suspended members at the time of the draw are not eligible to enter the draw or claim prizes.
  10. Directors, management, staff, contracted personnel and their immediate relatives are not permitted to claim prizes.
  11. In the event of a technical failure (including but not limited to the display screens, ticket printer, PA system or draw system), draws may be postponed or cancelled. Cancellation or postpone of a draw is strictly at management discretion and negotiation will not be entered into. In the event of a cancellation, prizing of cancelled draws is forfeited and the cancelled draws value will be added to the following draw.
  12. The ‘Members draw’ will jackpot by $100 each draw time.
  13. The drawn member will have four (4) minutes to claim their prize at the Sports bar. If the prize is unclaimed after four (4) minutes, the prize will be added to the following weeks total. The 4 mins is at the discretion of the duty manager.
  14. If the ‘Members Draw’ has been won, the next draw will start from $100.
  15. The total prize pool of the ‘Members draw’ is $2,000.
  16. The 7pm draw on the final draw night (Wednesday 11th September 2019) is referred to as ‘Final Member Draw Night’.
  17. The ‘Final Members Draw Night’ will be drawn at the 7pm
  18. The drawn member will have four (4) minutes to claim their prize at the sports bar
  19. Redraws will take place every four (4) minutes until a winner is found.
  20. If a winner is not found before 9pm the last member drawn before this time will be the winner regardless of their attendance on the night and will be phoned the next business day. This member has to claim their prize within one week from contact. In the event the prize is not claimed within the period a comparable and legal redraw will occur.
  21. All winners are required to present proof of identity to claim their prize.
  22. Avoca Beach Hotel is not permitted to issue any more than $500 prize money in cash. Any prize money exceeding $500 must be awarded as a registered cheque or EFT.
  23. If the prize is claimed 9pm or later, the entire prize must be issued as a registered cheque or EFT.
  24. This competition is a game of chance and skill plays no part in determining the winner.
  25. Authorised under NSW Permit Number LTPS/19/34009